Office Assistant

This position will assist a financial planner with various duties such as administrative responsibilities and customer service. The assistant will be expected to get documents ready and organized before meetings with clients. Record keeping is another important aspect of the job. The assistant may be required to distribute updates and other communication to clients via a combination of postal mail, email, and telephone. The assistant may be in charge of scheduling meetings and reminding the financial planner of upcoming events. The assistant may also be in charge of carrying out basic office duties such as answering the phone, greeting guests, and maintaining office supply levels. When customers have questions about any processes, the assistant answers these questions. This position will also process documents relating to investing and insurance. Depending on experience, certification, and position, the office assistant may also have more complex duties such as preparing documents, analyzing financial data, 

General computer skills including Microsoft Office are necessary, and knowledge of financial planning software is helpful, most importantly you must enjoy finance. This is a full-time position. Pay is based on qualifications.

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